Function of CAB

  • To assist in the assessing, provision and evaluation of training for healthcare chaplains
  • To advise the House of Bishops in matters pertaining to healthcare chaplaincy
  • To recommend suitable programmes of healthcare ministry education this may lead to certification in healthcare chaplaincy. This would be undertaken in conjunction with the Healthcare Chaplaincy Board (HCB) and the Association of Clinical Pastoral Education (Ireland) Ltd. (ACPE (Ireland) Ltd)
  • To ratify the suitability of persons for the purpose of directing healthcare ministry training programmes for candidates
  • To certify persons for chaplaincy, in any part of Ireland, in accordance with these Standards for Healthcare Chaplains under the oversight of the House of Bishops
  • To maintain a register of people who are certified as healthcare chaplains
  • To monitor and assess pertinent changes in healthcare chaplaincy and to monitor new legislation or professional requirements.
  • To make formal proposals to the HSE regarding job description and contractual arrangements for chaplains
  • To liaise with the HSE and other relevant bodies about the role and ministry of chaplains
  • To continue to develop guidelines regarding the role and function of chaplains and to promote the recognition of their posts and their funding
  • To report annually to the House of Bishops
  • To review the standards for certification of healthcare chaplains every three years
  • Applications for recommendation: In the case of applications for recommendation being received from applicants who are members of other traditions the interview panel may include a representative from the applicant’s particular tradition

The Standards for the Chaplaincy Accreditation Board may be accessed here: